Psychotherapy Services

Greer offers a comfortable and safe environment for people to get to know themselves better, whether it's in the office or at the ranch working with horses. 

Slip off your shoes, curl up on the couch and get in touch with your inner wisdom in the comfort of my Westlake office, or opt outside... 


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy 

Greer Swiatek specializes in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). Please read the following to see if this type of therapy is a good fit for you and your family.

The Natural Lifemanship Method of EAP is based on the belief that the process of building a safe and healthy relationship with a horse translates into healthier human relationships—both within the self and with others. One of the principal benefits of EAP is the team approach to counseling—the therapy team consists of the client, the therapist, the equine professional, and the horse. The team approach provides a safe container to explore expectations and patterns that the client brings to the horse, from past relationship experiences, and an opportunity to create healthy relationship patterns. EAP is an experiential learning process in which the horse provides biofeedback, enabling the client to practice self-awareness, emotional regulation, and relationship skills. EAP sessions may consist of groundwork with the horse, talk therapy, mindfulness exercises, and rhythmic riding. EAP can be used in tandem with psychotherapy sessions in an office setting.

Horses will respond now the way humans will, eventually. Horses are able to do this because they live in the present. A horse responds to what the client is doing in the present, rather than what they did in the past or what they may do in the future. A typical human’s response is tied to the past, present, and future, which is not conducive to honest, immediate feedback. Once clients understand the things in the relationship for which they are responsible, they can make changes in themselves to improve the relationship with the horse, and then apply those same changes to more complex human interactions.

Currently, EAP sessions are held at Pecan Creek Ranch in Georgetown, TX.

All EAP sessions are confidential and will become a part of your clinical record. The same requirements and exceptions to confidentiality apply to EAP as to other forms of psychotherapy.



Greer is currently accepting LPC-Interns. She is Certified in The Wingspan Model of Supervision. Greer creates a safe place for interns to explore their therapeutic approach in a supportive environment. She also offers an opportunity for interns to participate in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions, earning direct hours.

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